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Salem Baptist sermons are available on our YouTube Channel: Salem Baptist Gumeracha, where you can click on “Subscribe” and also leave comments under the video to encourage others. We intend to keep recording and posting to YouTube even after our Sunday services resume. It may then take a day or two until they appear online.

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Message from Peter,

Wednesday 18th of November 2020

Hi everyone,
As you may realise south Australia is in lockdown for the next 6 days.  After that we will still have restrictions but we don’t know what they will be.  That means that there will be no church service this Sunday due to lock down rules.  This also means that we can’t go anywhere and record a message to upload to youtube.  So I;m sorry but you will have to read my sermon I emailed out yesterday.  As for Sunday week, we will wait and see what restrictions we have placed on us after the 6 day lock down.

May this lock down time be a blessing to  you as you have more time to spend with God.

You are invited to attend the following meetings

Currently, these meetings are on hold:

Sunday Morning Worship: 10am in the church hall.

Tuesday night Bible study. 8pm at Peter and Caron’s

Wednesday Morning  Bible study, 10am at the church

These are some of the applicable government rules:

• People should practice social distancing at a minimum of 1.5 meters at all times
• No physical greetings or exchanges such us handshakes or hugs
• Wash hands and maintain good hygiene practices
• Sneezing/coughing into your elbow

Please put your name and details in the Covid Safe contact tracing register at every meeting (forms are in a folder on the foyer table).

Please take a day off and get tested if you are unwell or have had any covid like symptoms.

Old  pre-Covid program below:

Worship Times : Services are held at 10am every Sunday.

A few exceptions: Three or four times a year we hold a combined service with the Gumeracha Uniting Church at the day room of Gumeracha Hospital so that patients of Glenview homes and the Hospital can join us. ( someone will be at the church to redirect you to the room at the rear of the hospital)

One Sunday each February there is a combined Torrens Valley churches service held in Birdwood.

Come and join with us. You will be Welcome.

Normal Weekly Program:

Some activities  may be in recess during school holidays. Please check.


9.45 am   Prayer time in the Church Hall.

10.00 am   Worship Service.


8.00 pm  Bible Study at Peter and Caron’s home, Contact Peter 0429 380 573


9.30am HomeMakers ladies group meets at the church fortnightly

10.00am   *Bible Study in the Church Foyer.  Contact Peter Leith 0429 380 573 or Fiona 0420 786 381

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