Prayer Time. A Prayer by One of Our Worship Leaders, SFF

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A prayer by SFF.

As we gather to worship You this morning our Father, we pray that we will humble ourselves to receive the blessing of Your presence in our lives, and to again rejoice because our sin has been taken away by the Lamb of Calvary.

Help us to respond to You with thankfulness for all Your Goodness to us. We ask You to give us Your peace, for we have no refuge in blind hope or comforting stories for the future. Our only certainty is that we can turn to You and be saved, through faith in the Lord Jesus.

Father Be thou our Guide. We need Your direction, and we need Your leading. We need to know Your discipline when we sin. We need to hear the truths from Your Word, even when it causes discomfort in the hearing.

Your Word says that sin destroys a people. So Father we pray for our country of Australia. In all the pace and turmoil of present days, we pray for our leaders. Enable and keep safe our Prime Minister and his family. We pray for the State premiers, for medical people, the army, the police and everyone in the front line fighting the Covid epidemic.

With all sorts of fancy diversion offered on-line to cope, we pray that people might find the peace that You give, which is not as the world gives. Jesus Himself is our peace, a peace that passes all understanding.

We pray for the poor and overpopulated countries of the world as they struggle for survival, in countries where Your Name is not known, in countries where people are under the yolk of slavery, and where smiles mask oppression. We pray for believers in those places who seek to make your name known.

We thank you for the coming day of glory, for You have said Your judgements will be given, and Your Kingdom of Righteousness and Peace will reign. We praise you that the name of Jesus will be lifted up on the earth. In that Name we pray. Amen.




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