Prayer Time. Thoughts on Prayer. By A. Nonie Mouse

Published by Cathie Branscheid on

Prayer to the spirit is as blood to the body.

It is time spent feeding our spirit, alone or with others; with Our Father.

It is a time of praise, honestly asking, finding His way to do things.

Giving Him glory for who He is;

A precious time, a powerful time, a time of freeing Him to do His thing His way;

A time spent realizing we are small, yet precious.

He is immense and loving.

Quantity is not important in numbers of people.

Quality is:

Deep faith filled time allowing God to be God.

Letting Him do what He does best. No conditions, no justification, no excuses.

It is just us and God in unity and focus and obedience.

Small groups of His faithful ones are more powerful than any large group of people who just want to feel good.

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